Kitsap Tours: The Seattle tour that starts with a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island.  Explore Bainbridge Island, the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas.  877.877.1950

About Kitsap Tours

Kitsap Tours is the latest adventure of husband and wife team, Jim and Jean Boyle

Jim and Jean have lived on the Kitsap Peninsula for 18 years and in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. The two have left their previous white-collar careers behind and have boldly jumped into one overflowing with adventures.

Not to say they're strangers to a little adventure, especially Jim who worked as a Secret Service agent for 23 years, protecting Presidents, Heads of Country, and Heads of State. His passion for this project is driven by Jean, who, during her 8 years with the Kitsap Peninsula Visitor & Convention Bureau, always felt that tourists and local businesses could benefit from a touring company running on a daily basis-especially one offering ferry dock pick-ups.

Kitsap Tours is the only Seattle, Washington tour that starts with a ferry ride!

Jean: "I love this area and enjoy sharing it with others. I have always given tours as part of my job and to visiting friends and family. I wanted to take that knowledge and love of the area and create a Seattle tour opportunity that stepped beyond the city. Now I can share this area of tremendous variety and beauty with a whole new audience!

Our Beautiful Bus

Kitsap Tours mini-coachOur vehicle is a new luxury touring van or mini-coach. It has a low-step entry with an electric service door, stand-up center aisle, reclining leather seats, sound system, public address system, TV/DVD player, and a separate rear compartment for any purchases you may make.

This vehicle was selected to allow us to get to many interesting Washington locations that are inaccessible for larger motor coaches or low-slung limousines. Its higher seating and large windows allow better viewing of the stunning scenery and views. We have room for up to 12 guests.

Our Philosophy

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Jean Boyle, Co-Owner/Operator of Kitsap Tours
Jean Boyle: Photographer and Kitsap Tours Co-Owner/Operator
Jim Boyle; Kitsap Tours Co-Owner/Operator
Jim Boyle; Kitsap Tours Co-Owner/Operator