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No English needed

Every tour is fun, every tour is different and every now and then something special happens.

A few days ago a young man missed our tour because of a traffic back-up.  He called later to ask if he could reschedule and then asked if he could send his mother in his place.  “Yes and yes”.

Lady in pink taking a picture of her new friend

Today is the day she was to take our tour and as we arrived at the ferry he called to let me know he had dropped her off and she was on the ferry.   “She is in her fifties, wearing pink, Chinese woman, doesn’t speak English and knows she is to follow you”.  I assured him I would find her as she got off the ferry and take good care of her.

The ferry arrived and I took my place at the top of the ferry ramp, with my “Kitsap Tours” sign,  waiting for our guests – just 4 for the Bloedel Reserve tour.  The first couple approached me and I gave them directions to the bus while keeping my eyes on the ferry ramp for the lady in pink.  More people came off the ferry and then all the passengers were off the ferry and I was missing two people, including the young man’s mother who didn’t speak English.  I walked down the ferry ramp and asked around and was assured that everyone had gotten off the ferry.  I rushed back up the ferry ramp and though the terminal with my “Kitsap Tours” sign, showing it in all directions and looking for pink.  Finally I went to the bus and there she was, the lady in pink and my other missing guest already seated and ready to go.

Taking pictures of the other guests

Taking pictures of the other guests

The two women had somehow met on the ferry and figured out that they were going on the same tour.  The second person didn’t speak any Chinese so I’m not sure how this happened but apparently they “bonded” and somehow got past me as they exited the ferry.  At least they found the bus and we were off.

By the time we got to the Bloedel Reserve it was obvious that the two women had become friends.  During the tour they took pictures of each other, with each other’s cameras and their own and took pictures of the rest of us, at least as many as they could talk us into.  They were laughing, communicating and having a great time.  Not only were they having fun but the rest of us were enjoying their excitement and joy discovering what was around each corner – we were entertained by the obvious fun they were having.

New friends

Back on the bus, returning to downtown Bainbridge Island and the ferry I wasn’t quite sure how to explain the option of spending more time in “Winslow” vs going to straight to the ferry to the lady in pink but it soon became obvious that this wasn’t a problem.  Her new friend told her they were getting off in Winslow and last I saw them they were walking away from the bus, deciding where to eat.

This is one of the reasons we are doing these tours; we meet wonderful people and share time with them exploring our beautiful area.  The tour this morning was pure joy for me and I’m pretty sure all of our guests had a good time as well.


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